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Dullabh Commercials is one of the leading manufacturing & export houses from India. Our export products are in accordance with international standards and have been satisfying the needs of our customers worldwide. Our experience of more than eight decades and innumerable contacts enable us to provide our clients with the best of the leading suppliers of Spare parts to the Indian and world automotive industry. We are also among a leading Cardan shaft manufacturers in India.

We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality spare parts. Our manufactures & exports include:

  • Cardan Shaft

  • Universal Joint

  • Propeller Shaft

  • Tie Rod Ends

Because of our vast resources and capabilities we are able to be a to source or manufacture of any component as per clients specifications or needs. Our client's satisfaction is our motto.

Why Us
We (Leading Cardan Shaft manufacturer in India) have earned a commendable reputation for reliability and quality due to our adherence to uncompromising standards of quality. Total Quality Control is built into the organizational structure and we ensure that highest quality products are delivered to our clients for their total satisfaction.




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